August LEIE Database

The Updated LEIE (List of Excluded Individuals and Entities) database file reflects all Office of Inspector General (OIG) exclusion and reinstatement actions up to, and including, those taken in July 2013. This new "Updated LEIE" is a complete database file containing all exclusions currently in effect. Individuals and entities that have been reinstated to the federal health care programs are not included in this file.  The new file is meant to replace the "Updated LEIE" file made available for download last month, is complete and need NOT be used in conjunction with the monthly exclusion and reinstatement supplements. Alternatively, you may download either the November Exclusions or Reinstatements databases which only are posted as the Current Monthly Supplements. All of these downloadable files are zipped, self-extracting .dbf files, meaning that they will not open automatically when you click on the links.  After you have downloaded the files to your computer and inflated them, the files must be opened into either a spreadsheet program such as Excel, or a database program such as Access.  Basic download instructions are provided at the bottom of the page where the updated files are posted. The full LEIE database -- complete with all the monthly updates -- is included in the OIG Online Searchable Database which is very user-friendly and may be accessed here.

With this update, OIG is now in its last month of transition to the upgraded Online Exclusions Database and the LEIE Downloadable Databases.  These changes include new information to the LEIE, including the National Provider Identifier (NPI), waivers and wavier states.  Also, the online search of the LEIE has been redesigned.  OIG has made clear that there are important notices related to these changes including:

From June 2013 through August 2013, OIG will post Downloadable LEIE Files without the new fields and files with the new fields.  This will allow users time to work with the new fields while still having access to the accustomed files.  In September 2013, only the file with the new fields will be available.OIG strongly recommends that users download the entire LEIE Database with the three new fields at least once during the transition period from June to August 2013.

  • OIG now only archives monthly supplement files for the previous 12 months.  Older material is no longer available on the website or via phone call to exclusions staff, although the downloadable LEIE gives users the latest information on excluded individuals or entities.
  • Instructional videos explaining how to use the online databases and downloadable files are now available.
  • OIG has added NPIs to LEIE records starting in 2008 and will include NPIs in LEIE records on an on-going basis.  It is important to note that not every individual or entity that is excluded has an NPI.