Facing the Issue: A New Series on Observation Stays

As the American Health Care Association & the National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) continues its efforts to address the observation stay loophole, it has become evident that this is about more than a piece of legislation or a bit of politics. To remind ourselves, and the public, that this is an issue that ultimately impacts the men and women who desperately need long term and post-acute care, AHCA/NCAL is running a new blog series entitled Facing the Issue.  We have received story after story of personal experiences with observation stays and Medicare denials, some of which were life-changing events. In each new post, the series will recount the experience of one individual who was impacted by observation stays. These men and women have volunteered their stories, and they are submitting testimony in an effort to educate families, the profession, and the country’s decision makers. To submit a story or participate in this series, please contact Claire Krawsczyn.