Life Safety Update on Possible Defective Fire Pull Stations

We are repeating this notification due to the fact that the image we included in last week’s CareConnection was not an accurate representation of the defective pull stations.

Honeywell recently announced a potential defect with its BG-10 series pull stations. These pull stations were manufactured from 1992 through 2010 under multiple brands including ADT, Fire-Lite Alarms, Johnson  Control  Inc. and Notifier.  Over time, deterioration inside the devices can occur, preventing the pull stations from transmitting an alarm signal when activated.  Included in a recent update from the American Health Care Association & National Center for Assisted Living are links to the manufacturer’s website and original notice as well as recommendations about how to address the problem in your nursing or assisted living center.

Several options are available if you determine that you have one of these devices:

  1. Replace the pull station with the newer model BG-12 pull station (recommended by Honeywell). The recommended substitution based on your exact model along with pictures and datasheets can be found here. There will be a cost for new, addressable indoor pull stations, not including the labor to install it.
  2. Replace the alarm switch seal (provided free of charge) during the next scheduled testing and inspection session.  The testing and inspection of pull stations is required on an annual basis and is most likely provided by a fire alarm contractor during the annual inspection and testing of the fire alarm system. Information on this process can be found here.  Honeywell recommends that this process only be performed by a qualified fire alarm service provider as opening the pull station without taking adequate precautions will set off the fire alarm system.

Additional information can be found here.