CMS Releases Memo on Access to Statements of Deficiencies (2567’s)

On March 22nd the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a Memo to State Survey agencies (S&C: 13–21- ALL) announcing a change in the posting of facility survey results.  The Memo notes that in July 2012 CMS began posting nursing home statements of deficiencies based on the CMS-2567, Statement of Deficiencies, on Nursing Home Compare.  Since that release, visitors to the Nursing Home Compare site have been able to view electronic replicas of completed CMS-2567 reports for the most recent standard health survey and the most recent 15 months of complaint surveys.  CMS simultaneously began posting the same CMS-2567 deficiency data on the Five-Star Nursing Home Quality Rating System section of the Survey and Certification page of the website.  Both websites are refreshed each month.

In the Memo, CMS announces that in April the agency plans to expand the time period for which CMS-2567 reports are published (from the current single survey cycle to a period encompassing the preceding three standard health surveys and three years of complaint surveys).  The agency also plans to add indicators for the Scope and Severity of each deficiency cited on the forms.  Plans of Correction (PoCs) are not found on the CMS websites.  However, according to the Memorandum, facility PoCs may be requested from either the facility or the State Survey Agency (SA), in Virginia the Office of Licensure & Certification (OLC).

The Memo also describes other web-based Tools for searching CMS-2567s.  While these websites post or refer to data that CMS has made publicly available, the websites are completely independent of CMS.  CMS does not endorse or sponsor any particular private party application.