Virginia EHR and Health Information Technology Survey

A team of students from Virginia Commonwealth University’s (VCU) Executive MBA program is conducting research related to the present state of electronic health records (EHR) and other health information technology (HIT) within the long term care sector.  The VCU students are seeking to understand the financial priorities, rate of implementation and functional needs required by post-acute and long term care providers.

The team approached VHCA to suggest that they could partner with us to administer a survey regarding HER/HIT as it applies to LTC facilities.  This brief survey is completely anonymous.  Once the results are compiled, the VCU team will provide the data to VHCA to disseminate to our membership.  This survey should not take more than 3-5 minutes.  It is our hope that this information will be as educational for our membership as it is for the VCU students.

The survey is designed to collect responses from both nursing and assisted living facilities as well as continuing care retirement communities.  For members who are part of a multi-provider organization, we encourage you to coordinate with your corporate office information technology staff to ensure consistent responses for all facilities that are part of the system.  Based on the time constraint of the project, please consider completing the survey by the close of business on Monday, March 11th.  Thank you very much for your participation.

To take the survey, please click here.