Department Of Social Services Reports ALF Survey Data

The Division of Licensing at the Department of Social Services (DSS) has forwarded the following information on assisted living facility inspections conducted since 2009.  The report includes the number of facilities, number of violations, average violations per facility, number of inspections and the average number of violations for each inspection.

Fiscal Year  
# of Fac  
# of Violations Avg. Viol/Fac # of inspections Avg.Viol/Inspec
FY09-10 550 8363 15 1761 4.74
FY10-11 555 5464 9.8 1286 4.2
FY11-12 556 5853 10.5 1232 4.75

DSS staff conclude that the obvious reduction in violations from FY09-10 to FY10-11 is likely due to the reduction in the number of mandated inspections that went into effect July 1, 2010.