Staffing Survey for Assisted Living Providers

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Tracking department staff vacancy and retention levels is a vital quality improvement tool for assisted living centers.  For members who have not yet completed the 2012 Assisted Living Staff Vacancy, Retention, and Turnover Survey (VRT), it is available online through Survey Monkey or you can download the form here. The NCAL (National Center for Assisted Living) is conducting this survey to better describe the vacancy, retention and turnover of assisted living staff. Results of this survey will be reported in aggregate form only.  The staffing data in order will help build a nationally representative database.  

Using the results of the survey, NCAL will analyze the information from the database to determine national rates on vacancy, retention, and turnover for a report that will demonstrate to policymakers and consumers the profession’s commitment to quality.  Data will be kept confidential.  Your community will not be identified in any way.